Oh! I missed the entry to Boston Marathon 2019 by 5 seconds

I have been running marathon for about 3 and half years and seriously training to quality for Boston Marathon for about one and half years. Last September (9/16/2018), I ran Tunnel Light Marathon in 3:20:13, I was confident to get an entry to Boston Marathon 2019 and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t get an entry when I was reading the email from BAA (Boston Athletic Association), which basically said, I didn’t qualify for 5 seconds! 5 seconds!!

So what went wrong in my race and training, I asked myself many times in next several days. I sure could run little faster in any miles of 26.2, I definitely had a slow start to run a negative split, did I slow myself near the water station, why I couldn’t push just little more in the last half mile to catch the guy in front of me. I could cover 5 seconds anywhere

The first race I was very close to a BQ time was in May 2017 which I ran in 3:27:05, since then I made 3 more attempts including the last one. All of them were PR and last two were BQ time. Yet, I won’t be running 2019 Boston Marathon.

Now I’m looking back after almost a month of the disappointing fact. I didn’t think, I gave my all in the two races. I was conservative to ensure to get 3:21, which I thought would give a confirm entry. I don’t think, this was a good strategy. I should have believed in my training and set an optimistic goal instead of a conservative goal.